Thank the Lord for the Lemon Tree

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Zucchini Bake for One (3 ProPoints)

0 | 1/2 medium zucchini (cut into 4 slices lengthways)
0 | 4 Florets of cauliflower
.5 | 1 tbl cottage cheese
.5 | 1 tsp Lisa’s Pumpkin & Kumara spread/dip
0 | 1/4 tsp salt
0 | Pepper to taste
0 | 50g roasted pumpkin (no fat)
0 | 2 tbl tomato paste
0 | 1/2 tomato sliced
2 | 1 (20g) slice of havarti cheese

Separate the florets and (very) roughly chop into 1cm size pieces in the microwave for a minute in a small bowl. Add cottage cheese, Pumpkin & Kumara Dip, salt and pepper

Grill zuchinni on sandwich press (no oil). Place outside slices of zucchini (the ones with the most skin) on bottom of large ramekin skin-side down.

Layer cauli-mix, then pumpkin, then tomato paste, then tomato slices and finally the last two zucchini slices in the ramekin.

Place slice of cheese on top and grill on high for 3-4 mins.

(If you wanted to skip cooking everything individually you could probably just layer everything and throw it in the oven at 180 until it’s cooked then put the slice of Havarti on top and grill on high for 3 mins.)

For next time
If I were doing it again I might add a bit of salt and mixed herbs to the zucchini layers and some roasted onion never goes a miss if it’s on offer otherwise it was a pretty stunning dinner.